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Penya del Migdia

Watchtower of Penya del Migdia

Watchtower of Penya del Migdia is located in the north – west at one of the highest points of Mallorca island. This exceptional location of  Penya del Migdia makes this one of the most breathtaking walks in the area of Alcudia and Pollensa with amazing views over the both bays.

Penya des Migdia can only be accessed by foot, so walking is your only option to reach this amazing place.You will enjoy a scenic walk to the old strategic lookout and watchtower of Penya des Migdia, located above the Alcudia and Pollensa bays.

At the beginning of the 16th century, the threat of the Turkish and North-African pirates became much more intense, so many defensive constructions and artillery batteries were installed as part of an extensive defense system, including Penya des Migdia.Today you can still find this defensive installation from that time at Penya des Migdia. It was a little house with a couple of guardians to protected access and two more buildings. Be careful, cause the whole military installation is closed by a brick wall and canbe only accessed via small narrow paths.

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