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Alcudia Wall gates

Wall Gates

There are three gates providing entry to the historic centre of the town of Alcudia : the Porta del Moll (or Xara), the Porta de Mallorca (or Sant Sebastià) and the Porta de la Vila Roja.

Porta del Moll or de Xara provide entry to Alcudia from the north and connect Alcudia to the harbour. The name translated into English means “gate to the port”.
On market days, which is on Tuesday and Sunday, the market area is by this gate, and right behind starts the main street of Alcudia old town.

Porta de Vila Roja is located north-west and it is connected with the route leading to the port situated around 800 metres from the port in the Bay of Pollensa. First, there was a wooden drawbridge and in the 19th century an imposing stone bridge was built. Recently it is a bridge, which lead to the centre of the town. The gate has not been conserved, but there is an opening in the line of the wall through which the town can be accessed.

Porta de Mallorca o de Sant Sebastià is located at the entrance to the town and was the gate that connected Alcudia to the royal road to Palma. It has two side towers with a rounded archway in the centre that frame an impressive gateway with access via a raised bridge.