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Mirador Cap d'es Pinar

Mirador Cap d’es Pinar

Mirador Cap des Pinar is located in the Costa dels Pins coast which means „Pine Tree Coast“. The Costa dels Pins is situated on the Llevant Mountains, which run from Artà to Felanitx. The mountain behind the resort protects it from the north winds, so this quiet coast is a perfect spot for snorkelling and diving. The Costa dels Pins has a lot of coves in its area. Anyway, the most popular spot with visitors is the Cap des Pinar view point. Mirador Cap des Pinar has a spectacular view of the bays of Cala Bona and Cala Millor. There are a lot of hiking routes that link the Costa dels Pins.
Mirador Cap des Pinar is very popular lookout point not only for its fabulous views. It is traditional for lovers to fix a padlock on the railings and throw the key into the sea as an expression of eternal love.

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