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365 Calvari steps, Pollenca

The Calvari Steps is an ancient stone staircase leading from the central square of Pollenca up to a tiny church, called the Calvario Chapel. There are 365 steps in the staircase, which leads up to a lovely viewpoint.

The walk can be a bit challenging, but there are a few places to stop along the way and enjoy the view. The staircase is lined with cypress trees, small shops, cafes, beautiful homes and gardens and the views from the top of the steps are simply amazing. Once you have made your way back at bottom you’ll find a number of café’s where you can stop for a drink and a rest.

At Easter there is a dramatic religious procession that takes place around the Calvari Steps. It is one of the most dramatic parades of the year in Majorca and this procession attracts a large crowd of spectators each year. First a parade of people walk up the hill till they reach the chapel at the top. Later on, the figure of Christ is ceremonially removed from the cross and everybody are walking back the Calvari steps to the town.

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