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Majorica factory

Mallorca’s best-known name for pearls is Majorica. Majorica’s founder was a German engineer who transferred his company to Manacor in Mallorca and started to produce his pearls. In 1890, Majorica invented a unique production process to create artificial organic pearls. The perls are polished and hand-selected one by one. All the pearls must be specially treated to protect them from external aggressions. When the pearl is polished and covered it is ready to be sold. All Majorica’s perls has 10-year guarantee to assure their high quality. Majorica can now be found in more than 100 countries worldwide.

From the Middle Ages till nowadays, perls were rare and valuable. The perls were used not only for necklaces, bracelets or rings, but they were twisted into the hair, sewn onto clothes, hats or were used as buttons. For the full Majorica experience, visit its Manacor centre, where you will find multimedia zone, boutique and relaxing lounge bar. Here you will enjoy free guided tour, learn about their unique pearl manufacturing process and will see their latest creations, including exclusive models.

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