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When ir rains

Beautiful island of Mallorca has more or less 300 days of glorious sunshine every year!
However, still there are about 50 days on average when the sun doesn’t shine. Mostly, black rain clouds pass through Mallorca quite quickly, but it’s possible that it will stick around for a couple of days. The good news are, that Mallorca has numerous of other experiences to offers away from its beaches. Here you will find some of activities what you can do when it rains. Do not forget umbrella!

Visit Castles. Mallorca has a perfect example, of defensive architecture, that are part of the history, so do not forget to visit castles, towers and fortresses of the Mallorca. Because of its strategic position, Mallorca was attacked by many civilizations that came across the sea. The locals decided to protect themselves against the foreign attacks and built these unique buildings. They all stand in places of magnificent beauty. The Bellver Castle, the Alaró Castle and the Capdepera Castle are top three to visit in Mallorca. Uncountable amount of the protective towers lies on Mallorca’s coastline. They were built to warn from pirate attacks. Nowadays, it is a viewpoint with spectacular panoramas of the coastline (viewpoint of Ses Animes). Enjoy the best Mallorca Castles & Palaces.

Find the Perl. Mallorca is known for producing world-class pearls, featuring a number of top brands. If you want to learn more the Island’s pearl trade, go to the Majorica Pearls Factory Shop in Manacor. For the full Majorica experience, visit its Manacor center, where you will find multimedia zone, boutique and relaxing lounge bar. Here you will enjoy free guided tour, learn about their unique pearl manufacturing process and will see their latest creations, including exclusive models. Majorica shops are located all over the island, so it will not be difficult to by some beautiful and unique souvenir from the island.
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Discover the caves. There are over 200 cave systems around the island of Mallorca, but many have not yet been properly explored, and there must be many more still waiting to be found. There are lot of underwater caves in Mallorca and many dive companies offer trips into these caves. Limestone and sandstone are ideal for the formation of caves and Mallorca has plenty of it. A few cave complexes are open to the public and here is our top three.
The caves of the Dragon are the most beautiful and most visited here in the island. These caves have several lakes, including one of the largest underground lakes in the world. The Caves of Campanet are situated in the north of Mallorca and cover a surface area of approximately 3,200 square metres at a depth of 50 metres. Caves of Arta has some stunning formations here, including a 22 meters high stalagmite. The various chambers have Dantesque names: Hell, Purgatory or Paradise.

Churches, please. In 1229, when king James I of Aragon defeated the island from the Moors, started the Catholic era in Mallorca. The churches contain a large amount of religious treasures, from altarpieces, artworks and unique artifacts. There are more than 100 of cathedrals, churches and other religious buildings on the historic island of Mallorca. Nowadays, some of them offers accommodation (Sanctuary of Sant Salvador, Monastery of Lluc, Monastery of Victoria and more).
The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma, also known as La Seu, is a Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral located in Palma. You can’t deny, it is the most spectacular builing in whole island of Mallorca. This magnificent building is 121 meters long, 55 meters wide and its nave is 44 meters tall. Work continued for 400 years! There are 61 stained-glass windows, but the most spectacular is the central rose window, which full the building with colored light. It is must to visit. For more, please, check XMallorca guide.

Discover County Houses of Mallorca. The country houses stand out because of their natural, scenic and cultural features. Mallorca’s public Real Estates offer beautiful gardens, rich history and magnificent location. Here are our top three: Raixa Estate is an Italian-style courtyard with spectacular panoramic views, located in the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains.
The monumental staircase, gardens dating 19th century, house and museum, large pond, neo-Arabic view point and a neoclassical temple and much more is waiting you in this charming country mansion. La Granja is a country house and museum, located in the Tramuntana mountains. It is well known for its natural spring. La Granja is just a perfect place to learn about rural Mallorcan traditions and spent a lovely day with your family. Sa Torre Cega is a spectacular villa located on north east coast in town of Cala Ratjada. Sa Torre Cega was built on the site of an ancient watchtower, which was called „Torre Cega“ (blind tower). Villa has lovely botanical gardens and sculpture park. For more, please, check XMallorca guide.

Visit museums. Palma has very rich heritage and can offer a wide variety of interesting art galleries and museums. Mallorca is a perfect place for those who love visiting art galleries and museums. There different types of museums in Mallorca, some of them could be located in the old defense tower, some in the castles, others in country houses or many buildings in Mallorca could be as a museum itself. Here is our top three of the best museums on the island. The Museum Sa Bassa Blanca is located in a beautiful place between sea and mountains, so offers an experience of total work of art in an open-air environment, integrating nature, architecture, land-art and a wide sculpture park.
The Can Prunera Museum of Art is located in a fantastic old house. If you are no art fan you can just enjoy wandering around the grand old house, because the building itself is stunning. Attention to detail is everywhere, if you will look out for the beautiful window you will see engravings of dragon flies and butterflies. You can also become a little obsessed by the beautiful floor and doors of this charming maison. Modernist furniture which is original to the house are creating an elegant atmosphere in the whole house. Pilar and Juan Miro museum has a collection of more than 100 paintings, sculptures and studio pieces. Juan Miro was a light for island of Mallorca. For more, please, check XMallorca guide.

Do some shopping. Sales, Rebajas, Rebaixes start on January 7th and will last until end of the March. Buy some Spanish brands like Zara, Zara home, Mango, Adolfo Dominguez or Bimba y Lola with up to 70%. The main shopping areas in Palma City are Passeig des Born, Avinguda Jaume III, some small streets around Plaza Mayor and Plaza Cort. La Rambla is famous for its flower sellers.
The hotspots for designer shopping are the ports. Puerto Portals, Port Adriano and Port de Andratx are the top destinations if you are looking for special swimsuit or a glamour dress.

There are 5 big commercial centers in Mallorca. Two El Corte Ingles are located in Palma and offers a huge range of international designers in store. Porto Pi commercial center is located just 2 km from Palma and offers some Spanish brands like Zara, Zara home, Mango or international like Massimo Dutti, Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger and others. FAN is Mallorca’s largest shopping mall, located just a few 5km from the airport. The Mallorca Fashion Outlet is located near Marratxi village, around 12 km from Palma city. Here there are outlets for brands like Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, El Corte Ingles, Mango and much more.

Probably, every town in Mallorca has a weekly market. Each market is held on a different day of the week, so there is more than enough opportunity to visit a market on the island during your stay. Markets are growing vigorously in Mallorca and are a great way to experience some true local culture. The larger markets are following the same model with fresh produce around the main square. Here you will have the best opportunity to check out the Spanish cheese, jams, olive oil and salt offerings. Jewellery, clothing, arts and crafts, household goods can also usually be found. The markets, which is held in Palma city, are mostly food related. If you would like to see more characterful markets, with a traditional experience, go outside of the capital to the rural areas. In the small rural villiges you will find local produce and crafts sold by authentic Mallorcans.

Gourmet tour of Mallorca. Mallorca is a food lovers paradise. Mallorca can offer a plenty of ways to enjoy the flavours, from Michelin star restaurants to the local food markets.
You can start your day with Mercat de l’Olivar or the smaller Santa Catalina. In the both markets you will find a plenty of food stands where you can try from traditional Spanish tapas to oysters or sushi. Do not miss to visit San Juan Gastronomic Market. The San Juan Gastronomic Market is a true foodie experience. Here you will find around 17 food stalls serving a variety of options from local food to Thai and Japanese dishes or Spanish typical recipes.

Visit Palma Aquarium. Palma Aquarium is a commercial aquarium and park that first opened in 2007 in Palma, Mallorca, Spain. The aquarium is the property of Coral World International. The aquarium is 500 m (1,600 ft) from Playa de Palma beach, and includes 55 tanks which are home to over 700 different species from the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. A number of different activities are available: “Dive with the Sharks”- an activity for adults and children. “Underwater”- in the summer, visitors over the age of eight can swim in the stingray tank, located in the Mediterranean Gardens. “Shark Sleepover’” – children between the ages of 6 and 16 spend the night camping out in front of the Big Blue, the shark tank. The children can celebrate their birthdays at the park with themed pirate parties.