Museums/Heritage in Mallorca

Palma has very rich heritage and can offer a wide variety of interesting art galleries and museums. Mallorca is a perfect place for those who love visiting art galleries and museums. There different types of museums in Mallorca, some of them could be located in the old defense tower, some in the castles, others in country houses or many builings in Mallorca could be as a museum itself. Here is our top three of the best museums on the island. The Museum Sa Bassa Blanca is located in a beautifull place between sea and mountains, so offers an experience of total work of art in an open-air environment, integrating nature, architecture, land-art and a wide sculpture park.

The Can Prunera Museum of Art is located in a fantastic old house. If you are no art fan you can just enjoy wandering around the grand old house, because the building itself is stunning. Attention to detail is everywhere, if you will look out for the beautiful window you will see engravings of dragon flies and butterflies. You can also become a little obsessed by the beautiful floor and doors of this charming maison. Modernist furniture which is original to the house are creating an elegant atmosphere in the whole house. Pilar and Juan Miro museum has a collection of more than 100 paintings, sculptures and studio pieces. Juan Miro was a light for island of Mallorca. For more, please, check XMallorca guide.