Castles / Palaces in Mallorca

Mallorca has a perfect examples of defensive architecture that are part of the history, so do not forget to visit castles, towers and fortresses of the Mallorca. Because of its strategic position, Mallorca was attacked by many civilizations that came across the sea. The locals decided to protect themselves against the foreign attacks and built this unique buildings. They all stand in places of magnificent beauty. The Bellver Castle, the Alaró Castle and the Capdepera Castle are top three to visit in Mallorca.

Uncountable amount of the protective towers lies on Mallorca’s coastline. They were built to warn from pirates attacks. Nowadays, it is a great viewpoints with spectacular panoramas of the coastline (viewpoint of Ses Animes). Enjoy the best Mallorca Castles & Palaces. For more, please, check XMallorca guide.