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The city of Pollentia

The city of Pollentia in Alcudia was founded when the Romans arrived to the Island of Mallorca in 123 BCE. The city of Pollentia is situated in the north-east of Mallorca, at a strategic place that separates the current Bays of Pollensa and Alcudia. Its location was perfect to control both bays.

In the city of Pollentia a new urban models were introduced and living appeared for the first time. The City of Pollentia was a rich Roman city and clear example of this fact is the existence of the Theatre, an infrastructure that only certain cities could enjoy.

Pollentia was a newly-constructed Roman city, with arcaded streets and the Forum, where the main buildings were found. The Forum of Pollentia was a public square that was built as the political, social, economic and religious centre of the city. The water was supplied via an aqueduct that ran from the mountains of Ternelles.

The city of Pollentia had a Roman amphiteater, which was built on the hill near the city. It was dug into the rock, so the specialists thought it was an amphitheater or a Greek theater. It has a basic elements of a Roman theater: the stands, the orchestra and the stage. The building was divided into two functional areas: the stands and the stage space, which were separated by the Orchestra. Later it was used like necrópolis of the city.

As only a small part of the entire city has been excavated, the vision we have today of city of Pollentia is quite fragmented. It was thought that the size of the city were between 10 and 12 hectares, but the archaeological work of recent years has revealed that it must have covered 16 or more.