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S’Illot archaeological site

This Mallorcan archaeological site is situated on the eastern coastal town of S’Illot. S’Illot archaeological site is one of the most important in Mallorca. It is the island’s earliest talayots with its spectacular walls, which is still well preserved. Some parts of the archaeological complex is situated in the middle of a hotel area.

Around the area, you will see a variety of different types of structure, covering a long line. The oldest building is situated in the centre of the settlement. This tower is dating to the end of the second millennium BCE. A wall was built from large, vertical stones weighing over a ton each. This structure surrounds a large part of this S’Illot archaeological site. Water supplies have also been found on the site. S’Illot archaeological site is quite similar with the „ses Païsses“ archaeological site.

Possibly, S’Illot archaeological site, was a meeting point for neighbouring communities or a place to overnight for outsiders that arrived on ships from the north of Africa and the central Mediterranean. At other times there would be serious fights with other settlements or with enemies who came from overseas.

Come to this charming Mallorcan archaeological site and enjoy by adding a little bit of your imagination. In the centre you will find a virtual representation of a typical day in the life of the settlement. You can be also accompanied by quide.