Rancho Grande Park

Rancho Grande Park

Visite Rancho Grande, place that offers variety of attractions for the whole family. They are located in very peaceful and natural area in the north of the island, in Son Serra de Marina. Animals, children playing facilities or horse riding tours are just a few fun activities you can undertake during your visit.

Apart of the nearly hundred horses that live on the sight there is a bunch of other animals. You can find here various household animals as beautiful Frisian cow, donkey family, a rabbit, the family of black swans and couple of little ponies as well as more exotic animals – lamas, ostriches, little monkeys, iguana, ara parrots, the white kakadu, and some more smaller birds.

100’s of things to choose from – you must do one! Riding on horseback through the beautiful landscapes of Mallorca is a great experience to remember. They offer to the riders 3 different groups according to their riding ability. “Turbo” is for people with good riding experience, offer possibility to do walk and trot, also there are some gallop (canter) tracks. “Mini turbo” is the group for people with little riding experience. To join this group it is very important to have experience to do a rising trot. “Automatic” is for all beginners or people with less riding experience. Don’t be scared if it is your first time on the horse. It is really easy, just enjoy.

The Ranch is famous for its black pigs. They are one of the biggest black Pig farmers on the whole Mallorca. So in their Mini Zoo there is always a couple of pig mothers with their little piglets. Raised in the farm of the Ranch following the procedures of extensive livestock, the Mallorcan suckling pig can be tasted any day of the week. You can try it in restaurant or as well order it to take away. Home delivery in whole Mallorca is also available.

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