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Ostrich Farm-Artestruz Mallorca

Get a different experience for the entire family and visit the only ostrich farm in Mallorca. It is not the typical animal to find on the island, but located only half an hour away by car from Palma, you will enter into a world of the exotic ostriches.
Artestruz opened in 1998 with twelve ostriches that came from Africa. Today you will find over 60 and some of the first birds are still on the farm with 20 years of age.
The ostrich farm invites you to enjoy special experience and to discover the world of this beautiful animal. Spend a day to learn about the large African birds and get to know how their habits in nature and in farms. You can feed both the babies and the adult ostriches or get some real action and take a ride on one.

In addition to their animals, you can also enjoy a drink or meal with them. Why not enjoy some exotic ostrich meat served with a glass of Mallorcan wine or enjoy one of the giant ostrich eggs as part of your meal.
They also have a great artesan shop which stocks products made totally from Ostrichs, whether is beautiful shoes, handbags, painted giant eggs, or cured ostrich meat you’ll be amazed.
Artestruz is a wonderful family friendly and fun filled day out for children and adults of all ages! Don’t forget you’re camera to make sure that you capture some great pictures. The farm is open all year along.


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