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salt-des-freu Mallorca

Salt Des Frue

Es Salt des Frau is a natural waterfall just a few kilometres from Orient. It is on the road between Bunyola and Alaró, in the middle of a beautiful forest. You will find a wooden sign which shows us the beginning of the excursion. The waterfall you will reach in about 20 mins walk. It´s a very recommendable and easy excursion.

The excursion follows a stone path surrounded by beautiful countryside and  you will keep walking through the shady forest of pine trees, olive trees, holm oaks and orange and citrus groves. The trip can be done at any time of year apart from the summer, when due to the lack of rain the river is likely to dry up.

The Salt des Freu consists of two 10 meter high waterfalls and a few smaller waterfalls (411 metres above sea level). The waterfalls come out of coloured rocks and flow into turquoise and emerald green streams. Atmosphere is like in a mystical tale cause only few sunlight passes through the tree tops.

The pools between the waterfalls is perfect to take a swim and the areas around the water are perfect for a picnic. The spot is popular with canoying, as well you can walk, swim, paddle or climb.

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