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safari zoo

Safari Zoo

The Safari Zoo is a wildlife park and leisure park, situated on the east coast. The Safari Zoo is located in Sa Coma, between Son Servera and Porto Cristo.  It is open throughout the year and there are over 600 animals on the park. You will find a good range of animals such as monkeys, elephants, gazelles, zebras, giraffes, hippos, lions, tigers, various types of birds. There are Mini-Zoo where a childrens can walk alongside the smaller animals such as pigs, goats or chickens.

You can drive-round the 3km safari park by yourself or you can take the ‘safari-train’ around the park, which leaves at regular intervals during the day. When driving around the park, the animals are free to run around. The monkeys can be a bit cheeky,  try to get inside a car. Keep your windows up! This is a great day out for the family. There is children’s playpark, cafeteria  and a small souvenir shop where you can buy a nice soft animal.

For more information, check www.safari-zoo.com/mallorca

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