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Zoologico Natura Parc

Natura Park Zoo

Zoo Natura Parc (Zoologico Natura Parc) is a family owned zoo which is located in the center of the island, in the municipality of Santa Eugenia.
The zoo was originally founded in 1998 with the main objective to offer a safe haven for animals in need. Today the Zoo Natura Parc is home to more than 500 species.
The park is located in beautiful surroundings and it is shaped to offer the animals a home in a natural environment. It is a great place to visit and it is very family-friendly. The park offers different activities for children and adults to get close to some of the animals. During certain hours of the day, visitors can pass through a section of the park to see the lemurs face to face. There is also another area of the park where children can get in close contact with goats and other farm animals.

The park is fully adaptable for disabled guest and in the center of the park you can find a spacious seating area with a small playground where children can have fun. In addition to the seating area where you can bring your own food there is a small bar-café before entering the park.
Natura Parc and its foundation work daily for the education, the conversation of endangered species and the recovery of seized or abandoned animals. 80% of the species that now live in the park are animals who have suffered some trauma or have some deficiency that makes it impossible for them to return to the wild life.
The park is easy to get to and there is a large parking area just outside the entrance.