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Església de Sant Julià Campos

Sant Julia church

The Church of Sant Julia is located in the rural town of Campos, southwest of
Mallorca. After many years of postponement of the project, the church of Sant Julia
was inaugurated only in 1873. Beautiful bell tower, was built between 1584 and
1597. On top of the bell tower, there is located a sculptor of the patron saint of
Campos, Saint Julia. This church is a real mixture of styles. It was built in
Neoclassical style, but has some details in Gothic style, such as altarpiece made by
famous Mallorcan sculptor Gabriel Moger. Inside the church you will see well
decorated ceiling, which is quite rare and unique. Inside the chapel, you will also find
a painting of Christ by the famous Sevillan artist Murillo. In the other chapel will find
an altarpiece made by Rafael Blanquer. There are two museums, the Museum of the
Parish of St Julia and the Sister Mary Rafela Museum, which displays items from her
home such as the chair on which she sat to listen and guide people. It is a perfect way
to learn about the life of the period.

The first church in Campos, was built in 1248, where it was nothing but a moderate
chapel. The church construction you see today, is actually the third of its kind on the
very location.