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Basilica de Sant Francesc

Sant Francesc church (Basilica de Sant Francesc)

Church Basilica of Saint Francis is a large body: it is the largest and one of the most beautiful churches of the Balearic Islands after the Palma Cathedral.
The Franciscan monastery was founded in 1278 under the reign of King Jaume II of Majorca. The construction of the monastery, in the Gothic style, began in 1281 and lasted until 1317, that the church began later in the fourteenth century (in 1384). The church was then extended from 1445 until 1670: it has a mixture of Gothic and Renaissance styles. The facade was rebuilt in the late seventeenth century.
The convent was under the protection of Jaume II of Majorca, use over by his son Jaume III from 1324.

The Gothic facade of the basilica was rebuilt in the seventeenth century in a baroque style after being struck by lightning. The reconstruction began around 1621 and was not completed until about 1700.
This is a typical Majorcan facade, smooth and massive sandstone wall. The spectacular baroque portal, decorated with a tympanum is the work of architect and painter Francisco de Herrera the Younger (Francisco de Herrera el Jove), date of 1690. The eardrum consists of a group of sculptures whose central figure is the Immaculate Conception.
Above the gate is a delicately carved bas-relief depicting St. George slaying the dragon.
The center of the facade is decorated with a huge plateresque rose with all its details sculpted masterpiece of glass Pere Comas.
On the front of the church is a circular sundial.

The interior of the Basilica of San Francesco is composed of a vast nave – quite impressive – 74 meters long and 17 meters wide and 25 meters high. The nave is divided into four sections with eight side chapels, chapel each having a different shape. Mixing styles clear inside the church: the high vaulted ceiling is a classic Catalan Gothic style, while the altar, curvaceous, is a baroque piece-rise, designed by Jean Aragon. The choir dates from the fifteenth century.