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Ermita de la Trinitat

Ermita de la Trinitat (Hermitage of the Holy Trinity)

The Ermita de la Trinitat you will find on the MA-10 road heading towards Deià and Sóller, 3km from the town. It is a narrow road and paved path that ascends, leading to the hermitage of the Ermita de la Trinitat (Holy Trinity), known as the hermitage of Valldemossa.

Religious life of this side of the coast began in the 13th century, when Ramon Llull founded the monastery, and the school of oriental languages in Miramar. Along this part of the coastline hermit activity continued, as there is confirmation of hermits between 1395 and 1399, living in caves itself. Various buildings were erected and named the old hermitages. It was until in 1648, Joan Mir de la Concepió, an old follower of Ramon Llull , founded the hermitage of the Holy Trinity. It is currently inhabited by hermits where they lead a secluded life.

Outside the heritage, you will see a small vegetable garden with a views to the coastline that are really spectacular, a small plaza with a little stone tables where you can to enjoy a great picnic under the holm oaks with your family. In the enrtance of the hermitage, you will find an inside patio with an old and beautiful palm trees.


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