Ermita de Betlem

Ermita de Betlem

The hermitage Ermita de Betlem is situated in the eastern side of Mallorca, in the wilds of Llevant Natural Park, at an altitude of 280 m above sea level.
The Ermita de Betlem was founded in 1805 and it is a 200-year-old hermitage that was used as a monastery by the monks. The last monks there went into retirement in 2010.

The hermitage Ermita de Betlem has a solar clock, a rose window, water-mill and it is completed by orchards, a fountain and outbuildings, that allowed the monks to live self-sufficiently. At the end of an avenue, you will see a line with tall cypress trees and the chapel, which is open to visitors. Building has a cross-shaped floor plan, marble altar and it is covered with ancient frescoes. The hermitage Ermita de Betlem was designed by architect Joan Rosselló.

The bigest treasure in the Ermita de Betlem is a statue of Christ. The locals of the small town of Artá idolize the statue and make a pilgrimage each year on 1st May to the monastery chapel.

To reach the Ermita de Betlem is possible in different ways. The journey by car is quick and easy on a narrow road that goes through the mountain landscape. The hermitage can also be accessed by hiking starting from the village of Betlem. It is five kilometres trail with some some fantastic views and it is very popular with cyclists and hikers.

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