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Church of Saint Bartholomew (Soller)

Church of Saint Bartholomew

Soller grew rich on citrus fruits and the results can be seen in its extravagant modernist architecture. The main square of Soller is dominated by the beautiful church of Saint Bartholomew which was built in the 13th century.

A Baroque structure to church of Saint Bartholomew was added in the late 17th century and the modernist facade was created in 18th century. The church of Saint Bartholomew also has a beautifil tower suspended above the rose window. Its major transformation came with Joan Rubió. He gave to the church of Saint Bartholomew a new Art Nouveau front in the 20th century. The central round window is showing the Martyrs and Mary and the two angels are flanking the main entrance. The statue of Saint Bartholomew is between the two entrances.

Nowadays, visitors are amazed by the mixture of Romanesque – Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau styles. The church of Saint Bartholomew became Soller’s landmark which can be recognized from anywhere in the valley. It is one of the bigest tourist attraction in the villige of Soller.


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