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Chapel of Sant Christ

Chapel of Sant Crist

The Chapel of Sant Crist is situated in old town of Alcudia. The Chapel of Sant Christ was built between 1675 and 1697 to honour the image of Sant Crist.

Lets go back to 24th of February in 1507, when a very important event was marked in the history of the town of Alcudia: the Miracle of Sant Crist. Documents are telling that at those times Alcudia was suffering from a serious dryness, hunger and the population were becoming desperate. Locals decided to carry the image of Sant Crist in a procession from Alcudia to the Cave of Sant Martí begging for water in their prayers. The image of Sant Crist sweated drops of blood and water on their return to the city. A notary recorded the event, as the image sweated for three days. That year, rain fell in bounty and the yields were plentiful. Since then, Alcudia has celabrated this miracle every three years. On 26th July there is a religious procession that passes through the town.

The Chapel of Sant Christ was built in the Baroque style and it iscovered by a ribbed vault and a cupola with lantern. In 1718, a sculptor Mateu Juan i Serra has created a altarpiece and over it is a 15th-century painted wood carving of Sant Crist.