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Tren de Soller

Tren de Soller is one of Mallorca’s best attractions. The old wooden train was originally introduced to transport citrus fruit from the Sóller valley to the capital. The Tren de Soller departs from its own station in Palma (Plaza de Espana) and takes an hour to reach Sóller’s Art Deco station (with art gallery), stopping at Bunyola on the way.
Over 100 years old and still running. The journey is nearly 28 kilometres long and takes you through stunning mountain scenery, involving viaducts, bridges, and 13 tunnels. When you arrive in Soller, you can enjoy the old town’s ambience or you can take the old tram that regularly goes down to Port de Sóller.
Here’s a little bit of history about the Tren de Soller came:
The town of Soller was situated in an isolated region of Mallorca, as the large Tramuntana mountain range separated it from the rest of island and from the capital of Palma. The region was full of oranges and cotton to trade in, but the main transportation out was only by the sea. The only other way was a small track over the tops of the mountains.
A local man put forward the idea of linking Soller and Palma by train. Due to the huge costs this was delayed. However, plans for the railway that cut through the Tramuntana mountain range were finally put into action. It was a huge success and the line became known as the ‘Orange Express’.
The road became better, so the train line lost its commercial importance, but tourism began to grow in Mallorca.
This is something to take you back in time and any age range will enjoy the trip. Take a ride in early spring when the almond blossom speckles the mountainside.
For timetables and prices visit a home page http://trendesoller.com

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