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Jardines de Alfabia

Alfabia is a complex consisting of a house and gardens located in Bunyola right in the heart of the Tramuntana Mountain Range.
The gardens of Alfabia is a testimony of Arabic culture in Mallorca. During Moorish rule his garden area was established already in 1229. Alfabia gardens are unique oases where numerous fountains and waterworks create a charming atmosphere. Here you can take a break and enjoy the peaceful and relaxing environment of the Alfabia Gardens.
Alfabia gardens has a clear influence of English landscaping. In Alfabia gardens you will find The Queen’s little garden (Queen Elizabeth II’s stayed in Alfabia), avenues of palm trees, ponds with water lilies, many water fountains, a lot of protected species that typical from Mallorca, variety of animals and charming atmosphere.

The structure of the house has Roman-Andalusian roots. Features and elements has different styles: Arabic, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque. Roman, Rococo and even English in the decoration of the rooms.
Time has left traces of each era in the house. The rooms are more extensively furnished with painted scenes of the port of Palma and other towns. Walls are covered with yellow damask, above painting of rural scenes with numerous illustrations. In the dining room you will see a result of the reforms of the nineteenth century with painted scenes on wood and painted cloth walls hangings. However, a whole complex maintains its balance.

For opening hours and prices visit their home page www.jardinesdealfabia.com


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