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Jardí Botànic de Sóller

Botanic garden (Soller)

Sóller is called a botanist’s paradise. The Botanical garden is found in a country estate and its primary purpose is to preserve rare or endangered species of the Balearics. The botanical garden is one of Spain’s most extensive wild flora seed banks and it is the result of many years of study and hard work.
As it is structured on terraces that group the plants in the garden according to their ecological needs, the Botanical Garden of Sóller combines traditional and popular architecture with botany.
There are different kinds of plants found in the Botanical Garden of Sóller such as flora of the Balearic Islands, flora of other Mediterranean Islands like Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Malta or Crete. In this Botanical garden you will also find species from the Canary Islands, plants for medicinal and aromatic purposes and ornamental plants. They also preserve frozen seeds.
The main builing is used as a  Botanical Institute, it is a centre of study and research and the Museum of Natural Sciences is located in the gardens.

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