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Jardí del Bisbe

Bishop garden (Jardí del Bisbe)

The Jardí del Bisbe – or Bishop’s Garden – is an oasis in the heart of Palma’s old town, in the form of a small botanical garden with an ornamental pond, palm trees and a vegetable patch. This is a natural space that belongs to the Diocese of Majorca. It maintains the classical layout of the gardens of Palma’s mansions, with divisions into areas for fruit, a vegetable garden and an ornamental area. Since 2000 Palma Council has been responsible for its restoration and maintenance. The bishop’s garden grows culinary herbs, fruits and vegetables as well as flowers. Large bushes of rosemary, mint and basil here, a row of pride blue agapanthus there. Tomatoes, oranges and lemons. Very close to the famous cathedral, it’s free to enter, has many benches and is the perfect place to sit in the shade away from the tourist masses.

There is a quiet place under a large tree in the rear end called “cercis siliquatrum”, tree of love. The smell of Jardi del Bisbe always reminds of grandmother’s garden, a childhood scent of warm earth, ripe fruit and slowly withering blossoms. If it weren’t for the cycle of nature, time would seem to stand still in the Jardi.

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