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Valdemossa is a rural town in the mountains of west Mallorca. Valldemossa is only around 20 minutes drive from Palma de Mallorca and it is a very popular tourist destination in the Balearic Islands of Spain. Valldemossa lies in an idyllic valley in the Tramuntana mountains. Charming stone houses, green forests of olive, oak and almond trees, and the blue sky above this is what you will find in this charming villige.

Tourism began in this small thanks to one cold winter in 1838. When composer Frederic Chopin arrived in Valldemossa with his lover, they rented a former monk’s cell, as he had tuberculosis, hoping that the climate would benefit Chopin’s health. Nothing worked out as planned. The weather was really wet and windy. As they were stucked there for a hole winter Sand took out her anger on Valldemossa in a spiteful book, ‘Winter in Mallorca’. It is still very popular nowadays. However, Chopin worked on some of his finest pieces during this winter in Valdemossa.

The natural beauty of the countryside makes Valldemossa a popular place for hikers and nature lovers. It’s a perfect place to sit back and soak up the scenery with a warm drink and pastry in the winter or a cold glass of wine in the summer.
Valldemossa is small village but there are gorgeous boutiques, interior design shops, arts & crafts, and handmade jewellery to be discovered. Valdemossa is a tourist hot spot, so you won’t have to travel too far to find souvenir and gift shops. Don’t miss Valldemossa’s weekly market (Sundays morning) when the whole village comes to life.
Most tourists come to Valldemossa to see the Real Cartuja, the Carthusian Monastery where Chopin and George Sand once spent a winter.

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