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Sineu is a traditional inland town located geographically at the centre of Mallorca. It appeals greatly to those seeking a place to enjoy solitude while still soaking up some of the islands deep cultural and religious history.

Sineu is a town steeped in history. The Romans called it Sinium, while the Moors referred to it as Yiynau. During the era of King Juame II a palace was built in Sineu, which would be the residence of many Mallorcan kings. Today the palace is used as a nunnery. While Sineu is now a small rural Mallorcan town, it was once one of the most important towns on the island, and still bears a lot of the hallmarks of this golden era. On a leisurely stroll around the older parts of town you will come across many ancient ancestral homes and monuments.

Sineu is littered with interesting architecture, but the cream of the crop is definitely the parish church. This large ancient church has an impressive bell tower with seven levels. Sineu is also the home of the first hospital in rural Mallorca, which dating back to 1240, is amongst the oldest anywhere on the island. The main square of Sineu is called Plaza Des Fossar and is home to many small cafés where you can relax and soak up the atmosphere.
Its weekly market is visited by thousands of tourists and locals, and is the last on island that still sells livestock. Despite the rural community feel, taking a stroll and soaking in the architecture in the old part of Sineu gives the impression of how grand parts of this town once were.
If you enjoy golfing, Sineu is home to Golf Park Puntiro, built on a large country estate of some 165 acres, in a very natural and open environment.

Being situated in the centre of the island means Sineu is ideally located for those wishing to explore the whole island. It also means there are no beaches in the immediate area, so those looking to spend a relaxing holiday on the sand should consider somewhere else.
The shopping in Sineu is wide and varied, with a whole host of small shops scattered around the town. Undoubtedly the biggest draw to the town for both locals and tourists is the Wednesday market. Here you will find a full range of things for sale. Livestock, clothes and traditional crafts are all available.
It’s the ideal location for those seeking to explore some of the areas noble history while enjoying the slow pace and solitude of a small Mallorcan rural town.

To arrive to Sineu you can either rent a car or take the trains which leaves from Plaza de Espana in Palma. Driving will take about 25-30 minutes but it will really worth the time.

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