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S Horta


S’Horta is a village located inland in the southeast of Mallorca, municipality of
Felanitx. A little further to the north is the capital of the region, Felanitx. At the
beginning of the 20th century, the villige was called as Sant Isidre, but not accepted
by the population. Previously, the village was referred to as s’Horta or as Es Bubots.
Nowadays, little villige it is called s’Horta or l’Horta.
S’Horta is a rural, peaceful and unspoilt villige. It is a perfect place to rent a villa and
enjoy the beauty of the countryside. The peacefull local people, delicious local
cuisine, beautiful surroundings these are the things that will all remain an
unforgettable memory for the visitor. There are two lovely coves Cala Mitjana and
Cala Sa Nau just a few kilometers from s’Horta. If you are the country tourism lover,
go to s’Horta. Around the villige are many country estates and houses that are
available to rent. If you are in s’Horta, try to visit the Sanctuary of Mare de Deu of
Saint Salvador, situated on the mountain of the same name, which is close by.
S’Horta can offer a peacefull rural life, amazing mediterranean cuisine and activities,
like golf, underwater fishing or hiking.

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