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Santa Maria del Cami

Santa Maria del Cami, usually known by locals as simply Santa Maria, is a bustling market town in the central area of Mallorca and also heads up a municipality which includes several surrounding villages. Situated on a flat central plain with stunning views of the Tramuntana mountain range, it would be very easy to drive right on through, without realising what a special destination this really is.

Santa Maria is a place of great contrasts. If you were to arrive on a quiet day you would imagine that you had found a sleepy, authentic Mallorcan village with quaint stone houses and gentle local retirees, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Santa Maria is home to one of the most impressive markets on the island and is a hub for local artisans and winemakers. As well as cheerful local bars and cafes, there are also some very tempting options for visitors and international residents in search of a more luxury lifestyle.
Established since ancient times, from around 3000-1400 BC, Santa Maria has long had a history of wine production and also sprang into prominence during the 18th century as an exporter of brandy to many countries, both within Europe and beyond. The journey to Santa Maria will take you through vast vineyards and fincas bedecked by almond trees, famous for the stunning displays of white almond blossom in January and February. Known during the Saracen occupation as “Mauia” which means “stop on the way”, Santa Maria retains several buildings of historical note and has an ancient crossroads at its very heart.

If you are looking for things to do, than the sunday market is one of the biggest attractions. Tucked away from the main high street in one of the many hidden squares of Santa Maria, it is easy to find on a market day as you only need follow the crowds of shoppers.
There is also a Sunday flea market 5-minutes drive way in the tiny village of Consell. There are several historical buildings worth a look including the 17th century renaissance town hall which was once used as a prison and a 17th century baroque parish church.

There are many things to do around Santa Maria particularly if you enjoy rural pursuits or gastronomy. If hiking and biking around local beauty spots such as Valley of Conanegra seems too energetic, you could opt for one of the many tours available.
There are also many pretty villages within easy distance well-worth visiting. If you are interested in wine, Santa Maria is an ideal place to explore some of the best wineries in Mallorca with the well-known “Macia Batle” producer being particularly close by and many more within easy reach.

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