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Museu De la Mar Soller

Museu De la Mar Soller (Soller Marine Museum)

The Soller Marine Museum is a small maritime museum in an ancient monastery. Since medieval times, the inhabitants of Sóller have used the Mediterranean Sea as a channel of communication with the outside, to avoid the mountains that formerly isolated Sóller from the rest of Mallorca. Port de Soller has stronger links to the sea than many other towns and villages in Mallorca.
The valley of Sóller was the most incommunicated region of the whole island, so our ancestors decided to build the ships and to started a trading through marine. It was a products like oranges, textiles, olive oil, lemons, fishes etc.
In the Museu de la Mar, in Port de Sóller, you will find this unique and fascinating story, of a town with the personality and charm which was obsessed with sailing.

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