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Felanitx is a rural town in southeast Mallorca, aproximately 50 kilometres from the
capital city of Palma. „Fenalicius“ in Latin means haymaking. The nearest beach is at
Portocolom. Felanitx is Mallorca’s second largest wine region. If you are a wine
lover and want to try some Mallorquin wines, you know where to go. Felanitx was
allways famous for wine and brandy production – in 1749 over 60 distilleries were
recorded in the region. The town of Falanitx also had strategic importance in ancient
times because of the far-reaching views commanded by the hilltops.
Nowadays, Felanitx is known for growing capers, which is a very popular local
ingredient not only in Mallorca, but in whole Spain. Felanitx now take part in
tourism, and has international community of permanent residents. Evevry Sunday
morning, weekly market is taking place in Felanitx. There is also a covered market
„Sa Placa“ which sells food and flowers and is open Tuesday to Sunday throughout
the year. There are number of annual fairs held in Felanitx such as „May Fair“,
summer festival „Sant Augustin“ in August, „Harvest festivals“ in Sempember and