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Campos is a typical Mallorquin rural town situated in the southeast of Mallorca. In
the surroundings, you will find some of the best beaches the island has to offer.
Campos has a special charm with its winding streets and traditional stone buildings
which are constructed from the famous local blonde stone. Campos was founded by
Jaume II around the year 1300. This rural town is rich in history with many buildings
of historical significance, such as the Church of Sant Julia or the museum of the
Sister Mary Rafela.

Campos is very famous for producing ‘Piris’ cheese, which is a mixture of brine and
paprika. You can sample the goods on market days. Nowadays, Campos is enjoying a
revival of the dairy industry with the re-establishment of many windmills in the area
used for irrigation. Campos is situated arround 8km away from the coast. Es Trenc
Beach is the area’s biggest attraction. In the surroundings, there are some fabulous
rural hotels and summer villas. Thursdays and Saturdays, weekly market is taking
place in Campos. This rural town hosts quite lot of fiestas and fairs throughout the
year. There are some wonderful bakeries and good quality
restaurants serving traditional Mallorcan cuisine.


Street view