The town of Algaida is located in a beautiful part of Mallorca, in the lowlands of a hilly area that includes the famous Puig de Randa, a 543-metre prominence topped by the sanctuary of Cura. This region is a true paradise for cyclists and hikers. Algaida also boasts a couple of charming churches, as well as some of Mallorca’s many disused windmills. The traditional town and municipality of Algaida is located in one of the prettiest parts of inland Mallorca. It encompasses six small mountains and is one of the few places in Mallorca which can have rain at any time of the year.

The name Algaida is derived from the Arabic word al-gaida which literally means “the base”. Records of the town begin in 1232 and Algaida has since developed into a traditional rural town. It is very typical of its type with winding streets, sandstone buildings and a main square with a church. It also features many windmills in the surrounding hilly countryside.
Algaida is based 22 kilometres south east from the capital city of Palma, along a direct route to Manacor. This makes it an attractive choice for those who wish to commute to either city, or simply enjoy the convenience of having the shopping and amenities within easy reach. The municipality encompasses the nearby tiny villages of Pina and Randa. The municipality of Algaida provides some outstanding local produce which is featured in some of the best restaurants in Mallorca.

In Algaida you can watch glassworks. The Gordiola glassworks has been operated by the same family since the 18th century and produces beautiful glass objects using traditional methods. The workshop also houses a museum with exhibits of old glass and perfume from all over the world.

It is not a major attraction but there is a little “dinosaur park” at Jardines Algaida Park on the main road to Palma.
The religious sanctuary of ”Santuari de Cura” is a breathtaking drive away, around the hairpin bends and sheer drops, up to the nearby “Puig de Randa” mountain. This charming site dates from around 1231 and was for many centuries a place of retreat for monks. There is a restaurant, museum, shop, accommodation and football pitch, all perched high up, allowing panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and Palma city. There are also other religious sites to see in this area including the 15th century “Santuario de Nuestra Senora de Gracia”, the 14th century “Santuario de Sant Honorat” and the chapel of “Mare de Deu de la Pau de Catellitx” which is in the town of Algaida itself.

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