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Pirate cave

The pirate cave (cova des Pirata) also known as pirate grotto, is a stalactite cave situated on the east coast of Mallorca. The pirate cave is location near the sea and it is connected to the caves Cova des Pont and Cova de sa Piqueta. The legend tells about a pirate who was wounded and entered the cave to hide and heal his wounds. He was feeding on goat milk, from goats which lived at this place. The pirate cave is developed with a trail and closed with a gate (metal bar door, 1.85m high and 0.90m wide).

The pirate cave has no electric light and no regular open hours. It is easy to visit following the trail. It is recommended to take a helmet, but no other equipment is necessary. The largest width of the cave is 70 meters. The entrance is located at 22 meters above sea level, the difference in height of the cave is a total of 33 meters.

Street view