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Hams Caves

Hams caves

The Hams caves (Cuevas Dels Hams) are on the east coast of Mallorca, just 1km of the town of Porto Cristo. The caves are about 10 million years old, but was discovered only in 1905 by Pedro Caldentey. The Hams caves has an underground lake, which is known as “The Sea of Venice”. The caves get their name from the unique formations of the stalactites and stalagmites (hams is the Mallorquín means „fish hooks”). There are 12 different areas in the main cave. In the Blue cave, you will see the documentary video „Discovering the past“, the formations of the Hams caves, their discovery, the history of Mallorca etc. The Round cave is magnificent area with a botanical garden. Nowadays, it is open, but million years ago, it was an underground cave.

Lorenzo Caldentey, who was a son of the discoverer, produced electricity to the caves for performances and tours. Nowadays, the visitors can enjoy the “Magical Mozart” concert performed by a musicians in a small rowboat with candle-lit railings and accompanied by a light show.

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