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Torre d'Aubarca

Tower of Matzoc (Torre d’Aubarca)

The tower of Matzoc is an 18th century tower on the northeast coast of Mallorca, about nine kilometers northeast of the city Arta. Throughout history he has also been called Torre de sa Falconera and Torre de San Fernando. The tower of Matzoc stands on the Morro d’Aubarca, a rock cape between the Cap de Ferrutx in the northwest and the southeastern Cap des Freu. Today, the tower of Matzoc is classified as “Bé d’interes cultural” (BIC).

The tower of Matzoc is about 11 meters high and located about 67 meters above sea level. The tower has the entrance, which was built on the upper floor for safety reasons, spiral stone staircase, three rooms and the gun platform. The tower of Matzoc is one of the 85 towers along the coast of Mallorca, which were built to defence the island. When the dangers of the sea ended, the coastal towers were no longer needed. This also affected the tower of Matzoc. However, later on the tower of Matzoc was used by the Carabiniers in the Spanish Civil War. The coast is still called “The coast of Carabiniers”.

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