Castell de sa Punta de n’Amer

Castell de sa Punta de n’Amer

Castell de sa Punta de n’Amer is a 17th century fortified tower on the east coast of Majorca, on the peninsula of Punta de n’Amer in the municipality of Sant Llorenc. The peninsula Punta de n’Amer is a nature reserve between the towns of Cala Millor and Sa Coma. During the 16th century, pirates from Africa, continuously attacked Mallorca. In 1611 the east coast suffered from a violent attacks which caused a lot of damage to the cost. The construction of the fortress began 1693 and was finished in 1696.

Castell de sa Punta de n’Amer is situated at 35 metres above sea level.

During the service, the fortress was guarded by 2-3 guards. The tower had a canon on the platform which could shoot at the ships till the bays of Cala Millor and Sa Coma. The original canon is still here. Castell de sa Punta de n’Amer is shaped in a square building construction. There was a storage bunkers in the surroundings of the tower.

During the 19th century the tower was abandoned. However, the fortress was put in service again during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). Barracks was built for the soldiers to have a place to rest and eat during wartime. Nowadays, there is a restaurant, where you can refresh and enjoy amazing views.

Today, in castell de sa Punta de n’Amer, there is a small exhibition hall, showcasing some of the original weapons and documents on the history of the building. The Castell is open to the public during the day.

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