Torre d'Andritxol

Cap Andritxol tower (Torre d’Andritxol)

The tower of Cap Andritxol (Torre d’Andritxol) is located between Camp de Mar and Cala Fornells, in the southeast of the Sierra de Tramuntana. The tower is located about 180 m above sea level. The tower of Cap Andritxol was built in 1580. In the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries it was in use and in 1850 it was in poor condition and needed urgent repairs.

Cylindrical defense tower, with a main chamber and an upper terrace that has been subject to various modifications. It has a circular plant, with an approximate diameter of 6.7 meters. The wall of the tower is of green masonry, which presents mortar refills of different moments, some of the last restoration. The access to the tower was through a lintel portal, located about four meters above ground level, delimited by pieces of sandstone. There are no vestiges of the old staircase to access the tower.