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playa de Son Real

The beach of Son Real

The beach of Son Real is situated in north of Mallorca and it is 5 kilometers long, isolated coast between the beach of Son Baulo and Son Serra de Marina. The beach of Son Real has a tiny white sandy coves with easy access to the turquoise sea. The beach of Son Real it is completely inaccessible by road and the only way to reach it is on the 6 km hiking trail which connects Son Baulo to Son Serra de Marina.
The entire hiking trail between the two towns takes about 90 minutes, so you have plenty of time to wander along the full 5 km in the beach of Son Real. There are no amenities on the beach, no lifeguards, toilets, shops, cafés or water sport rental stations. Serenity is the nature of this place. As a result of this the beach of Son Real stays almost empty even on the peak of summer, which gives a lot of privacy to any one willing to walk for it.
That being the case you must remember to take with you everything you need for the day, but since you do have to carry it all on your own backs, try to pack light – leave the chairs and the windbreaks at home. Take a towel, a book, plenty of water and a picnic and you’ll be just fine. Maybe stretch to a snorkelling mask too as the craggy coastline and rocky seabed makes for some great fish watching.
The beach of Son Real is almost inaccessible for anyone needing special assistance. Walkers and cyclists can access the hiking trail, which is easy enough, although the terrain is rough in places; mainly soft sand rather than firm ground. This is not the easiest to get to or most family friendly area.


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