Es Calo des Macs

Es Calo des Macs

Anyone who has ever made holidays in and around Santanyi knows Cala Llombards, the small, family-friendly sandy beach with mostly clear water. All the more strange that practically hidden around the corner is a small bay, to which hardly any of the beach visitors come: The Calo des Macs. Calo d’es Macs is a small swimming area very close to the famous “Pontàs” in Santanyi. It is not frequently crowded due to its difficult access. In the Caló des Macs you will find old houses that belonged to fishermen who once established their life and business there. It is now more frequented by swimmers looking for a swim on their way to Es Pontàs, located to the left when facing the sea. The bay is very small and rocky.

There is just before you get to the small fisherman’s house. But the best is to run into the water at the most. If you are not disgusted by the seagrass. If you have no or older children with you, you can get from Caló des Macs to Es Pontàs, the rocky gate in the sea. For all the others there is still the view of the Felsentor. You can get here by car, you can drive from Santanyi right up to the bay, and then just descend the stairs. Both from the direction of Cala Santanyi and Cala Llombards it is within walking distance.

It’s a calm area frequented by neighbours. To get there, you must follow the signs towards Caló d’es Macs, and park once the road has come to an end. Trace back your steps by foot and look for a path between two detached houses.


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