Es Calo de Betlem

Es Calo de Betlem

Es Caló or Caló de Betlem is a lovely cove situated in the north of Mallorca and belongs to Natural park of Arta. Es Calo de Betlem is located below sa Talaia Freda de Morei (563 metres high) and surrounded by scrubland and bushes. Many people knows this area with the name S’Aigua Dolça.

Es Calo de Betlem is one of the most beautiful corners on the island and therefore it is not surprising that there are many who visit it, attracted by the transparent waters and the splendid views over the mountains. Today is a popular place between tourist and locals while fifty or sixty years ago, the main users of this site were fishermens.

Es Calo de Betlem is 200 metres long, 15 metres width and it is characterised by the particular shape, it is low and the presence of lots of sandbanks and reefs in this area. There are mountains of algae that are not removed to protect the coast. The marine and underwater conditions are not good at all for anchoring boats, because there are lots of rocks, it is not very deep and the ground is full of stones.

The accessibility by car is easy until the village of Betlem. Here you can park your car for free and continue on foot. Es Calo de Betlem you will reach after 60 minutes walking. Some people practice climbing in the area.


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