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Cala Na Clara

Na Clara is a cove of sand and rocks located near the village of Betlem, six kilometres from Colònia de Sant Pere. Cala Na Clara is about 100 metres long and 10 metres width. It is a very quiet place with amazing views, especially at sunset.

Na Clara means clear in English. This Cala can be defined as a paradise, you can swim in crystal clear water and touch a sandy ground that continues for hundreds of metres toward the sea. Cala Na Clara has fine-grained brilliant sand on a steep coast, but check or the sea is in calm, because the waves use the small sandy area. The marine and underwater conditions are good for anchoring boats, although you need to keep a reasonable distance from the coast if the wind blows from the west, northwest, north, northeast and east.

The accessibility by car is easy following the signs until es Caló. The road quality is not so good. You can park your car for free in the surroundings. The last 200 metres have to be done on foot on a trail. It is a bit complicated because you have to go down a steep slope between rocks, so the access for disabled is impossible.These characteristics explain that the beach is not crowded at all by local visitors. Cala Na Clara has no services at all but it is very close to the village of Betlem.


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