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Cala Domingos Gran

Cala Domingos Gran beach

Cala Domingos Gran is situated on the eastern coast of Mallorca, near hiliday resort of Cales de Mallorca. This beautiful beach is surrounded by the pine trees and rocks. Cala Domingos Gran is 150 metres long and 150 metres width. Cala Domingos Gran beach is divided by a steep rocky headland into Cala Domingos Petits (or Cala Tropicana) and Cala Domingos Gran. Both beaches have wide entrance and are located where the biggest part of residences and hotels are. Cala Domingos Gran is the most touristic area of the municipality of Manacor, and thats why the beach is very crowded during the peak summer monthes. The beach has Blue Flag status thanks to its cleanliness and is a great place. There are all amenities you may need such as showers, toilets, umbrellas, parasols and a lifeguard.

There is small beach restaurant direct on the beach, but going along the narrow road at the northern end of the bay you can quickly reach the local shops and restaurants of Cales de Mallorca. There is a pedal boats rental at the beach. Cala es Domingos Gran is a good place for anchoring boats, because og the depth. The nearest port facilities are located at Port de Portocolom, at four nautical miles. The water is so clear, that you will be confused you are in Mallorca or Maldyves.

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