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Nikki beach

The Nikki beach has been called “the sexiest place on Earth”. The Nikki beach is everything that is chic and glamorous about a day and night at the beach. Nikki Beach Mallorca was opened in 2012 and it is located in the beautiful beach on south west of Mallorca. The Nikki Beach includes a beach club & pool, indoor & outdoor dining options a cocktail bar and the Nikki Beach Lifestyle boutique. The beach club also offers beauty treatments and yacht pick-up service.

The restaurant can offer a wide variety of international dishes, including delicious salads, creative sushi rolls, original seafood entrees and slow-roasted free-range rotisserie chicken. The restaurant offers 230, while there are 50 sunbeds, 36 double beds and 10 opium beds. The reputation for excellent food was built with a head chef David Farber. The Nikki Beach is well known for its “World Famous Mojito”. The décor is a perfect mix of comfort and elegance.

In Short, Nikki beach is probably one of the most luxurious brands all over the world. Here you will find excellent food, elegant décor, charming views and the best parties on the entire island. Nikki beach offers plenty of fabulous themed parties with a full social calendar throughout the summer months.

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